Braden M. Weight

Braden received his B.S. in physics and B.S. in chemistry in 2018 and his M.S. in physics in 2020, all from North Dakota State University (NDSU). There he worked primarily with Prof. Svetlana Kilina (Dept. of Chemistry) in the simulation of optical properties of defected carbon nanotube systems. He also performed work under the supervision of Prof. Alan Denton (Dept. of Physics) on the molecular dynamics simulation of microgel particles, studying their structure and stability in the presence of effective charges in solution. During his M.S. he worked closely with Prof. Andrei Kryjevski implementing many-body perturbation theory techniques to explore multiple exciton generation in fluorescent carbon nanotube systems.

Starting in 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Sergei Tretiak and Dr. Brendan Gifford, Braden has had the opportunity to attend summer internships at Los Alamos National Laboratory, working in close collaboration with experimentalists Dr. Han Htoon and Dr. Steve Doorn at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies. During his time here, and throughout the year, he works to answer questions regarding experimental phenomena using state-of-the-art computations involving time-dependent density functional theory and non-adiabatic excited state dynamics.

His current interests in the Huo group are in progressing mixed quantum classical non-adiabatic dynamics method development and applications to on-the-fly simulation. Here he aims to address fundamental questions regarding the methodologies and their effects on subsequent observables in a variety of novel systems and situations, including cavity quantum electrodynamics (exciton-polaritons) and coherent and incoherent decay processes.

North Dakota State University

B. S. in Physics 2018
B. S. in Chemistry 2018

North Dakota State University

M. S. in Physics 2020