Michael A. D. Taylor

Mike received his BS degree in Optics from University of Rochester in 2020 with a minor in Chemistry. During his undergraduate he got an interest in Quantum Optics and Quantum Light-Matter Interactions. In his last year of his undergraduate, he joined the Huo group for his senior thesis. In which, he worked to resolve gauge ambiguities in molecular Polariton chemistry. 

For his PhD, he is working in conjunction with the Huo Group and the Vamivakas Group in Optics. His current projects focus on developing new theoretical and computational approaches to better understand the rich dynamic interplay of light and matter in solid-state polariton cavities as well as designing new experimental realizations of these effect. Additionally, he is a 2021 recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

University of Rochester

B. S. in Optics 2020